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Palmetto Consulting

Focused on the intersection of the captive insurance and the traditional insurance marketplace

Palmetto remains uniquely focused on the intersection of captive insurance and the traditional insurance marketplace;

Primarily on those opportunities where our backgrounds can add the most value to our clients and partners.

Whether you need a captive to insure your commercially un-insurable risks, are a agency seeking a reinsurance vehicle, or want to build a new commercial carrier from the ground up; we can help.

Does your carrier need additional products or distribution alternatives to your current agency force? Our deep ties to the insurance community and relationships with MGA’s, other carriers, and various other service providers allow us bring our clients solutions to the problems that we can’t solve ourselves.

Even for profitable insurance companies, growth can present a host of challenges and complexities. We can assist with reinsurance structure, rating agency relationships, and the regulatory challenges that rapid growth can bring.

Unlike large firms, we are not beholden to outside ownership, Wall Street, or even “end of the month” sales targets. We are relationship-builders as much as we are insurance-company-builders. Sometimes the right solution for a client is to do nothing at all, and we are always okay with that. We believe a successful project is one that provides our client with the best solution for their needs and situation. There is a reason we do not advertise, all our business is generated by referral. While our client list remains confidential, we maintain a list of clients and regulators who are willing to speak with our prospective clients.

Your goals are individual. We believe captive insurance should be too.